35,27 Oz (1 kg)

Cold Welding EPOXY

Epoxy White

NET WT. 1.48 oz (44 cc)


PEGATANKE White is a high quality epoxy adhesive, designed to provide esthetic finishing touches. As it can dry underwater, it is an ideal glue for repairing boats and refrigerators. This adhesive resists demanding physical and chemical conditions in industrial, automotive, naval, electrical, construction repairs, among others. Moreover, it is fully functional in home repairs; withstanding high temperatures, tension and corrosive effects of chemicals and solvents.


  • Refrigerators
  • Ships
  • Windows

Thoroughly clean the area or surface where the glue will be applied.

Mix components 1 and 2 in equal parts.

Stir the components for 3 minutes until obtaining homogeneous consistency.

Apply the mixture evenly in amounts proportional to the surface to be repaired.

Join the parts to be glued together and secure them if needed for them to remain steady.

Let dry for 30 minutes in the sun or 1 hour and 45 minutes in the shade (under roof or in cloudy days). This time may vary according to room temperature. See packaging for more information.


Aluminium • Ceramic • Copper • Fibreglass • Slab • Plastic • Wood • Metal • MDF • Glass


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